Real User Monitoring For Mobile Applications Is Here

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Be the first to try out Raygun Pulse for mobile - real user monitoring for mobile applications

Test Drive Pulse For Mobile – Next Generation Real User Monitoring For Mobile Late last year we launched our Real User Monitoring service, Raygun Pulse, which helps developers see exactly where issues occur in their production website. It’s used by thousands of developers worldwide so they can pinpoint issues like: page load speed interactions with Ajax scripts third party script issues  … Read More

TypeScript – is it worth using?

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I’ve always had an issue with Javascript transpilers and offshoots that promise to make Javascript better. In this article, I’ll look at both Typescript and Coffeescript. Coffeescript was the first compiler that appeared on my radar a few years back, and after spending a bit of time playing around with it, I wasn’t convinced. Yes, it has some niceties that make … Read More

Six Reasons Browser Monitoring Matters

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browser monitoring matters - especially for mobile

Browser monitoring matters. Remember this? : Legacy…browser…support… In the later days of Internet Explorer 6 this was a phrase which brought developers much misery. Not only did we have to work around not having display inline-block but you also had to deal with PNG alpha transparency issues. And that doesn’t cover security issues. Luckily enough there were dedicated individuals whose posts … Read More

Node performance 2016: Hapi, Express.js, Restify and Koa

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Last year, (2015) Raygun tested Node performance against Hapi, Express.js and Restify, bench-marking some common node frameworks’ performance. In this article, we’ve run a new round of tests for 2016. We’ve broken the results down and by popular request have included how to reproduce the test. These new round of tests are intended to show how the performance of these frameworks has changed … Read More

How To Become An Agile Bug Beating SuperHero

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Assembla post

This week we have the CTO of Assembla Jacek Materna for a refreshing approach to Agile bug management. Become the bug-beating superhero in your team with his best practices… When the Agile Manifesto was written, over 15 years ago, it focused on four main values and produced the greatest paradigm shift the software development industry has even known. Individuals and interactions … Read More

A Quick Guide To Modular CSS – Don’t Be Petty, Write Less Spaghetti!

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Write better modular CSS with these quick tips

Are you transitioning from regular CSS to a modular CSS preprocessor? Or, perhaps you’ve just started using a CSS pre-processor? If so, you may be able to relate to the following: Writing CSS is easy… Writing CSS for a one-off large scale project is easy… Writing CSS for a large scale project with multiple people working on it… isn’t. It’s often … Read More

Easier Error Tracking With Raygun And YouTrack

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Raygun and Youtrack work together to gether for better error management

This week we have Natasha Katson – Product Manager for our integration partner YouTrack – talking about how Raygun and YouTrack work together to keep things simple when it comes to error tracking. Plus there’s a special offer for Raygun users… When you work in a software company, you deal with handling issues and errors on a daily basis. There … Read More

Raygun And GitLab Make Deployment Easier

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Raygun and Gitlab work together for better error management

  Raygun now integrates with GitLab – the free, self-hostable solution for storing your source code and related issues.   Here’s how Raygun and GitLab work together for faster and smoother deployments. Raygun detects the Error Deployment isn’t always a smooth process. During deployment, it makes life easier if you have something to allow you to fix errors before they affect … Read More

How To Speed Up Your Website By Up To 350%

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Agile post 4

  It makes sense to speed up your website…  Consider these user expectations: 40% abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load 47% expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less (source: Now let’s compare these expectations to the reality of the 2016 industry standard page load time: 9.06 seconds. If users expect your … Read More

Crash Reporting Feature Release: Rank Errors According To Amount Of Users Affected

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You asked – we listened. Sometimes you need to know exactly how many users have been affected by a particular error, so you can prioritise and focus efforts where it matters. Therefore, Raygun Crash Reporting has added a ‘must-have’ feature to the main dashboard: You can now rank errors according to how many users were affected with a new ‘Users’ column in … Read More

A New Workflow For Front-End Development

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An image showing a full desk for front-end development

Front-end development is one of the fastest evolving aspects of modern web development. It seems like there is a new framework or methodology every other week built to solve the issues around this relatively new technical area. In the dark ages of web development, front-end development was something either flogged off onto over-burdened designers, or hacked on by exhausted software developers. Not ideal, … Read More